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more breweries, more products, more ways to buy!

We’ve been busier than your favorite brewery at Last Call! Our list of Participating Breweries has grown tremendously since our last update. You can now get your Passport stamped, and special beer discounts at breweries both new and established, such as The Brew on Broadway, BREW Pub and Kitchen, Caution: Brewing, and Diebolt Brewing, just to name a few.

NOLA Brewing

And we’re proud to announce our first Participating Brewer outside of Colorado: NOLA Brewing! So be sure to pack your Passport the next time you visit the Big Easy, we’re sure you’ll love the beers you’ll try there; with a free flight of three beers, it’ll be easier than ever. We visited them a few years ago for the Brew Trek blog, both the hospitality and beers were top notch.

You also have many more options now when it comes to buying a Passport! New Belgium Brewing and The Brew on Broadway join our existing resellers in offering our products in your neighborhood. We’re in talks with a few other breweries to sell our products, so check back often to see when a reseller opens in your area.

Beerporium Craft Beer Organizer

Finally, we’re continually brainstorming on new ways to serve the craft beer community, giving you useful and innovative products. With our new Craft Beer Organizer, you can not only show off your favorite beer and/or brewery, you also have an attractive way to carry your Passport or smartphone.

Beerporium Craft Beer Organizer

Made from repurposed six pack holders, the Organizers are laminated for easy clean up. Future versions will include an elastic band to hold your favorite writing instrument, as well as an additional fold out pocket just like our initial edition. Look for them to be available for purchase in our online store in the next week or two.

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