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Beerporium for Sale

After five and a half years I’ve decided to either close down Beerporium or sell it to another craft beer fanatic. Please read on to hear why I’ve come to this decision and to find out more if you’re interested in buying the company.

As you may know from my previous news posts, I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an uncurable cancer of the blood and bone marrow, back in February of 2015. Since then I’ve been undergoing various treatments for it with the goal of going into remission, which is the only thing I can look forward to since I’ll never be cured.

And I have been in remission off and on over the past three and a half years. First after a month stay in the hospital and high dose chemotherapy that was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. But that only lasted until the Spring of 2017 when the cancer came back again. Since then I’ve been on constant chemo that has taken up various percentages of my life.

Since I’ve developed an allergy to the main chemo drug used in treatment, my only option is a drug that I must receive intravenously, multiple times a week. Over the past year I’ve had to go in twice a week, three weeks straight, to receive treatment with only one week off in-between.

As with nearly every chemo regimen it’s not just the infusion you have to endure, there’s also the side effects. During treatment, and for the following four days I experience nausea, skin and muscle aches, poor eyesight, and altered taste buds where everything tastes cruddy. And these are just the main ones, there are others that come and go.

Needless to say, I haven’t felt like drinking beer, or any other alcoholic beverage for that matter, at least 75% of my life the past year. It has gotten somewhat better over the past few months: I now alternate weeks for chemo with one week on and the next off, but that still makes 50% of life stuck in chemo and feeling crappy. So the gist of it is that I can no longer devote any time to Beerporium. The little time off I do get from treatment and side effects is precious and using up some of that running a business is no longer an option.

This wasn’t an easy decision to come to, and I feel like I’m letting you and all of my customers down by doing so. I can only hope that there’s someone out there who is interested in carrying on the business and giving you the best value for your purchases.


If you think you are the one to carry on the torch, great! But there are some stipulations I must make. First, the buyer must be an American citizen and reside in the United States (living in Colorado is a plus, but not required); there are too many legal hurdles that I don’t want to deal with otherwise. Second, the buyer must agree to come to Denver to finalize the sale; with my current physical limitations from the cancer, I can’t arrange shipment of the remaining stock to the buyer, they must come here to take care of it themselves. And third, the buyer must take the remaining stock and left over product materials.

But what the buyer gets is a great value.

  1. As mentioned, all of my remaining stock and the materials to make items like the craft beer organizers.
  2. All of the intellectual property of the business including all of the files used to produce the Passports, posters, organizers, stickers, POP displays, and advertising, as well as products in development. This alone is worth what I’m asking for.
  3. All of the social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  4. The domain, website, and email addresses.
  5. Wholesale and Participating Brewery contacts.
  6. The rights to the Beerporium name.
  7. And any other items I may have forgotten to mention or are negotiable.

If you are interested, please contact me at admin (at) beerporium dot com. I’ll send you the price I’m asking for, as well as various negotiable options.

If I do not find a buyer by December 31, 2018, I will shut down the business completely, and that includes this website and Participating Brewery list. I will also be closing the Storenvy online store, as well as any other online outlets that I sell through. The remaining Passports I have may be offered for sale at I Heart Denver; I have to talk to them and see if I can continue to do that. But once they are sold out, that will be it, I will not be producing any more.

Thank You all for your business over the years, I really enjoyed running Beerporium and meeting both my customers and all of the outstanding brewers everywhere.

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