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who are you, is this legit?

Beerporium is the brain child of William Carlson, writer and creator of the craft beer travel blog Brew Trek. William has had over 30 years experience in advertising, graphic and product design, marketing, and illustration both freelance and for design studios. He has been traveling to craft breweries since 1988, homebrewing since 1998, and writing the Brew Trek blog since 2010. All of these skills are now applied to providing products for craft beer enthusiasts and travelers.

what is it?

The Beerporium Brewery Passport & Journal is the perfect way for craft beer lovers to document their visits to breweries, and try new brews. As the craft beer renaissance continues to explode, more and more people are seeking out where their favorite beers are brewed and experience what new and innovative styles those breweries are creating. Many of these beer tourists are using blank, off the shelf pocket notebooks to write down the beers they’ve tasted in the taprooms, either for reference, or to seek out the next time they purchase beer in stores. The Brewery Passport and Journal features preprinted spaces to easily enter in all of the relevant information about those breweries and, at participating breweries, to have a visual validation (stamp) and perhaps something free in return. Each Passport is proudly printed and assembled in Denver, Colorado.

how can i participate?

We offer two, absolutely free, levels of participation for your brewery. Either by validating the visitor’s entry for your brewery in their Brewery Passport and Journal with a stamp, sticker, or other visual form uniquely identifying your brewery; or validating the entry and giving the Passport bearer a flight of three free tasters, provided they purchase a full serving of your beer, or some other discount. The validation you stamp in their Passport would also serve as a means to verify that the bearer hasn’t already taken advantage of the free offer, should you choose to participate. You are free to alter the benefit to the Passport bearer if you so wish; you could up the amount of the flight to four or more, add a free sticker in addition to the flight, whatever you want. We will even give you a free rubber stamp of your brewery’s logo if you don’t have one already, which means the only out of pocket expense to you would be the price of an ink pad; contact us for more details. Brewery participation is open to all breweries nationwide! Continue reading to see how you can register with us to participate.

what does the brewery passport and journal look like?

Each Passport is sturdily bound with two rivets, and has a laminated cover for easy wipe up from the inevitable beer spills and drips. With a finished size of 3.75″ x 5.5″, it fits perfectly in a back pocket, or slides easily into a purse. Cover colors include olive, tan, gold, and red. Each is printed and hand assembled in Denver, Colorado. Click the images below for larger views.


Beerporium Brewery Passport & Journal Beerporium Brewery Passport & Journal


Beerporium Brewery Passport & Journal
Each Passport includes 45, two page, brewery entries and 10 blank pages in the rear for additional notes and stickers.

are there any benefits for participating breweries?

If you choose to honor the Passport, you will be included on our list of Participating Breweries posted on this site. Each listing includes location details, a link to the brewery’s website, and level of participation with additional benefits, if any. Also, your beers will be featured in our Daily Beer Quiz on our Twitter feed, @beerporium (if they have unique names other than just IPA, Stout, etc.). If we have them, images of your location/taproom will be shared on our Beerporium Facebook page for our weekly Taproom Tuesday spotlight as well.

can we sell the passport in our brewery?

Yes! We are offering a Reseller Program to breweries and retailers. A bulk, discounted rate is available to establishments wishing to purchase the Brewery Passport and Journal to sell in their taprooms and stores. Please visit the Reseller page to order. You will receive an electronic invoice that will allow you to securely pay online.

can i commit to participating now?

Sure! Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest in participating. We would like to thank you in advance if you do choose to participate. We are a small company and appreciate any and all support!

yes, i want to be a participating brewery!

Email us at brewers [at] beerporium.com. Please include the name of your brewery, what level of participation you’d like, and the name and email address of who you’d like to be your main contact source. If you’d like to become a reseller, let us know that also. We’ll get back to you ASAP, thanks for your interest!

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