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and… we’re open for business!

Beerporium Brewery Passport & JournalWe are proud to announce that we are open for business! Well, a soft opening anyways. We are starting to get deliveries of our first product, the Brewery Passport and Journal, and have opened our online store at Storenvy. We are currently looking to begin shipping the first orders on Monday, May 6 to those of you who can’t wait and want to order now. Be sure to check the product out to find out how you can get free beer!

This marks the first of what we hope will be many more products to come. Our next item is currently in production and should available for purchase soon. It’s the Colorado Craft Breweries poster, integrating the names of all of Colorado’s craft breweries into the perennially cool Colorado state flag. When you purchase the poster, you’re not only showing you support craft beer in general, but also the Colorado Brewers Guild. We will be donating a portion of the profits from the poster to the CBG, thanking them for all they do for Colorado craft beer.

We hope you enjoy our products, and look forward to serving you in the future!

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