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A Personal Message from William Carlson,
Owner & Creative Director of Beerporium

If you follow our Twitter or Facebook feeds, I’m sure you’ve noticed the absence of our Daily Beer Quiz and weekly Taproom Tuesday feature recently, and there’s a not so good reason for it. Last month I was admitted to the hospital after months of on again, off again chronic pain that just wouldn’t go away. During that stay, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the blood and marrow. Needless to say, since then I have been in and out of doctors’ offices, beginning treatments to keep the disease at bay.

MM is at this time incurable, the regimen of drugs only extending my life expectancy. Some of those drugs are pain killers, since there is considerable bone pain associated with the effects of the cancer. Finding a balance between alleviating that pain, and still being able to function has been an ongoing process.

The reason I’m relating all of this is that I want to assure you, my vastly appreciated craft beer customers and supporters, that I will keep Beerporium going for as long as I am physically able to do so. I will continue seeking out new breweries to participate with the Brewery Passport and Journal, giving you the added value they provide when you present your Passports in their taprooms. (If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to visit our most recent addition, Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada where you can get your Passport stamped and a free flight of 3)

I will also endeavor to bring new products to market, enhancing your craft beer lifestyle. Look for new posters, more items made from recycled beer packaging, and hopefully a product that has been in the planning stages for years.

There will inevitably come a time when I can no longer carry on. Before then, I will make arrangements for Beerporium to continue without me. Whether that involves a member of my family, or selling the company to an individual who is just as committed to craft beer culture as I am, I can’t say. One way or another, you can count on getting years of use and benefits from the Passports and our other products.

Part of my commitment to you involves bringing back the Daily Beer Quiz and Taproom Tuesday. Look for a reboot of both in the coming days.

How can you help? By purchasing our products and telling everyone you know how much you enjoy them. Fighting cancer isn’t cheap, and I thank the stars that we have health insurance, but the bills still add up. There may be a benefit in the works, and if it pans out, I would hope you could attend and join us for a pint. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for details when a decision is made.

Finally, I want to personally thank all of you who have purchased our products over the past two years. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of you who have bought a poster or Passport at the events and taprooms we’ve been at. Seeing the passion for craft beer, and hearing stories of how much our products are appreciated really make it worthwhile for me.


William Carlson II

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